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Trimble SPS Total Station

Available in Servo, Autolock, or Robotic models, the Trimble SPS 610 Total Station is a cost effective, state of the art total station capable of all site measurement and stakeout tasks. This total station provides an economical solution for contractors performing their own stakeout and site measurement tasks. The SPS610 is a 5” instrument in both the horizontal and vertical angles. In addition, it offers DR Standard for precise prism and reflectorless distance measurement and an Autolock and Robotic range of 300m in any direction from the instrument.

The SPS Total Station’s built-in MultiTrack target technology provides the ability to lock to and track both passive and active targets to suit all measurement requirements. The SPS Total Station also features SurePoint automated pointing correction and MagDrive fourth generation servo control for smooth, quiet and rapid positioning.

For those needing a Robotic Total Station for Machine Control applications, look no further than the Trimble SPS Universal Total Stations. The Trimble SPS Universal Total Station uses active target technology to reliably lock onto and track the target. Trimble pioneered this active tracking technology which allows the operator to assign a unique target number to their earthmoving machine or site positioning rover, ensuring the instrument will always track the correct target. This Trimble technology ignores environmental obstructions and eliminates the possibility that the instrument would lock onto the wrong reflective surface such as a reflective vest or light cover on a vehicle.

The Trimble SPS Universal Total Station is accurate up to one arc second in the vertical and horizontal angles, making it ideal for fine grading operations where the accuracy tolerance is very tight. Featuring fixed, low latency, synchronized data and a 20 Hz update rate, the SPS UTS allows the user to reliably track a machine target and know the data is being passed from the instrument to the machine as quickly and accurately as possible. Motor graders and dozers can operate at faster speeds without fear of losing instrument lock. By operating at quicker speeds, the machine operator can finish to grade faster resulting in increased productivity.

Not only is the all-new SPS UTS the perfect choice for advanced robotic stakeout and layout applications, but this robot is specifically designed to redefine the industry’s expectations of a Machine Control guidance solution. With its robust radio system and ruggedized design, the SPS UTS easily integrates into your machine control portfolio.